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Juicy bum

Juicy bum


Introducing Humane Animal Rescue’s newest fundraising campaign - Only Felines!


Only Felines, our innovative new campaign, invites cat lovers and philanthropists alike to join forces in supporting animal rescue eff orts through a playful & unique fundraising campaign. Taking inspiration from everyone’s favourite platform - OnlyFans - OnlyFelines off ers a delightful twist by allowing you to slide into your friends DMs with a surprising cat pic. For a donation of just $5 or $10, donors can

unlock the charm of these charismatic felines while contributing to the welfare

of animals in need.


Donate and Un-blur: Supporters contribute $5 - $10 (depending on paw or bum pic) via our website, where they can choose to un-blur a tantalizing cat photo. When checking out you will enter an instagram handle and within 24 hours we will slide into their DMs on the special account to reveal the saucy, unblurred cat paw or butt pic!


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