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Pet Pantry

You don't have to choose between feeding yourself or your dog.

A common reason for animals being surrendered is unmanageable cost of living expenses, we want to assist our community of dog owners by providing dog food & treats to prevent animals going back to pounds.


We receive cat & dog food donations and can distribute to those in need. There is no judgment and no questions asked - just support. 

To collect a free dog food packet please go to our charity partner Helping Hands Mission - 492 Fullarton Road, Airport West & Helping Hands Mission - 85/89 Hampshire Rd, Sunshine VIC.


Our Packets of Food food are labelled with a use by date, information and brand. There are 5 cups of food in each packet to ensure we distribute to as many people in need as possible with our intention to be accessible for people who may not be able to take & store large bags of food.  

For the month of June you can visit our pop up shop at 397 Chapel Street, South Yarra to collect animal food Wednesday - Sunday 10:30am-5pm.

If you can distribute free pet food, please get in touch. 


Last Litter Program

Lets stop the cycle, get in touch if your Dog or Cat is pregnant 

Our Last litter program offers free desexing for the mother cat/dog for the pet owner when you surrender the entire litter.

We ensure all kittens & puppies are given great care including vet check ups, milk supplements when required, desexing, microchip, worming and vaccinations before they are assessed and ready for adoption. 

If you need assistance, send us an email with information about your cat or dog, so we can help. 

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