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Sponsorship Program


If you can't foster or adopt an animal, sponsoring is the best way to support an animal in care. 

Adoption fee's don't cover the costs of keeping animals in care or their vet bills, we rely on donations and sponsors to rescue and support animals.

Sponsoring an animal will support and off-set the cost of our animals in care, covering their food, vet bills, resources and treatments.  

When you sponsor an animal you will be on their adoption journey with them, get regular updates, learn about them in foster carer and their adoption homes.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible  

Animals looking for a sponsor 


Sponsor Mum

Mum is part of our Last Litter program and has had a rough start to life, but that didn't stop her from being the most caring mum to her litter. She's a little shy at first, but once she warms up to you she'll follow you around the house like a little shadow. She's done raising her babies now and is ready to find her forever home with your support!

IMG_1665 2.JPG

Sponsor Marlu

Marlu is a 2 year old Groodle who we think was from a back yard breeder. He has no trainer and not much socialisation prior to coming to us from the pound. 

Marlu came to us very matted and with a cyst on his side we have had removed. 

We are working on Marlus behaviour with our behavioural vet so he can be ready for adoption too! 


Sponsor Monti

Monti is a 7 month old, female kitten who came to us from the pound. She was found as a stray at 3 months old. Monti has been in care over 100 days and has had no interest in adoptions! However shes clearly the best gal and even lives in her foster home with a dog. 

Your sponsorship covers 

What you will receive 
Sponsor an animal

Sponsoring an animal is a one off payment of  $200

Thank you for sponsoring an animal!

100% of your $200 sponsorship goes towards the animal you sponsor in care. 

When you sponsor an animal we will outline the costs the rescue has spent on this animal and how your contribution supports us. 


We are 100% volunteer, not for profit and rely on donations like yours to rescue animals. Thank you for your support. 

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